I was sitting in front of my computer, working and learning. Thinking about the teaching, the seminars, the continuous learning and about formation in general. Suddenly my mind started making unexpected connections (maybe you know the feeling!). The point is that I had the whole time the word «Formación» (from the Spanish translation) in mind and therefore, I assume, my brain started looking for objects on my desk starting with the letter «F» as well. The most interesting thing is that all these words have a meaning, a relation with the term formation. Let’s take a look on that:

  • Facts contained for example in the books you can see in the picture. Those facts help to increase our knowledge, to primarily train ourselves and then to transfer this knowledge to other people (in the case of Smart Tree/Nachhaltige Bildung through seminars, work shops, trainings and so on).
  • Folder. Some structure during the learning process and during the preparation of seminars or lessons is more than recommendable. In your folders (of course also in your computer) you can organize the topics, the materials you need, complementary literature, results, etc. Then you have direct access to them whenever you need. This helps you to be prepared in a short time.
  • Folio. In this point applies the same arguments used with the facts. In a folio you can have a summary from some specialist in an specific topic, or notes written by yourself or question marks to solve later on. In any case information that can be useful at any time.
  • Focus. I need my glasses to see clearly, to focus on the things I am doing. The focus, the concentration by learning and also by teaching or training is of main importance to keep the topics, the facts, the knowledge in your mind but also to be able to transmit them to other people. This focus, this concentration will depend very much on the learning atmosphere that surrounds you.
  • Feelings. There are situations, objects that have an special meaning for you. They get to your feelings, to your emotions. We know, and the neuroscience has already corroborated, that emotions play a mayor role in the learning process. If you manage as a teacher, as a trainer to make some topics really attractive for the people in front of you, you will be able to facilitate their learning process, simply because they will have an increased interest in the topic in question.
  • Fun. Very much related with the previous point. Fun is able to awake the emotions and to create a comfortable learning atmosphere. And we spoke previously about the benefit of those for the learning process. Furthermore it is important to switch off some times when the tiredness arrives, specially when we are at home in front of our books and computer. A good advice could be to change for a while the activity you are doing for something that really entertain and distract you. For example I like to work with play dough and produce some funny figures as you can see in the picture.

Well, as summary I just can say that Formation surrounds us and that this is a very Fine Feeling!

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